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Our deep and sincere appreciation goes to DCU for Kids and their recent help in Leominster, MA.


we do

Children’s Literacy Innovations is a Massachusetts non-profit corporation, founded to help bring top-tier educational programming and books to schools and communities who may not otherwise be able to afford them


we do it

We match

schools/students who need assistance 


top education/literacy programs and/or books


Funding sources interested in helping their communities


we do it

We believe EVERY child deserves to benefit from best-in-class literacy and educational experiences.

If you are a teaching artist and have world-class programming that is tops in its category, please contact:

Meredith      Meredith@CL-Innovations.org

for an application to be included on our roster.

If you are a school that needs help, please contact:

Meredith      Meredith@CL-Innovations.org

for instructions on how to request assistance from us.

If you are a business seeking to help a school, please contact:

Meredith      Meredith@CL-Innovations.org

to discuss how we would best work together.