Children’s poet Darren Sardelli was educated at Loyola University Maryland. Inspired by Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss, Sardelli composes humorous, frequently rhyming, poems for children. Of his work, he has stated, “Whenever people smile, giggle, or laugh after reading or hearing my poetry, I feel as though I am making a positive difference in the world.”

Sardelli is the author of the children’s poetry collection Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie (School Poems That Are Out of This World!) (2009). His children’s poetry has been widely anthologized and appears in One Minute till Bedtime (2016), SCHOOL PEOPLE (2018), Rolling in the Aisles (2004), My Teacher’s in Detention (2006), BUSES TO BOOKS (2008), Dinner with Dracula (2006), Peter, Peter, Pizza-Eater (2006), Is This A Poem? (2016), I Hope I Don’t Strike Out (2008), and What I Did on My Summer Vacation (2009). He has visited over 600 schools and his poetry has also been featured on Radio Disney. Sardelli lives in Long Island, New York.

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