70.3% Increase in Reading Interest!

Jeff Nathan was the first author selected by Children’s Literacy Innovations. He is a multi-award-winning children’s author and the creator of CurricuLaughs in Children’s Literacy school programs. As measured by a school in Leominster MA, Jeff’s programs increased reading interest in students by 70.3%.

He lives in Andover, MA, with his wife and they have four grown children. Jeff graduated from the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY, and before his first book came out, he was a high tech marketing executive for a $1B company. He now travels internationally, speaking and performing. He loves helping kids and teachers.

For more information about Jeff go to bestusassemblies.com and ADHDteaching.com. He is also featured at NecessaryBrilliance.org.

Click HERE to see the school’s full report!