FAQ for Schools

Q: Why do you do this?
A: Our focus is on children’s literacy as the most important issue in America right now. The crippling effects of illiteracy and the troubling statistics can be read about HERE.

Q: Why was Jeff Nathan your first chosen partner?
A: We will only arrange funding to provide the top literacy-inducing help for elementary-aged students and Jeff has that with his CurricuLaughs in Children’s Literacy programming, and in his personalized mystery series for elementary students.

Q: Who else do you work with?
A: Eric Ode out of Washington state and Darren Sardelli out of New York state.

Q: How much will the services of Children’s Literacy Innovations cost us?
A: Our services of matching schools with partial or full funding and writing grant proposals are free to schools. We are funded by businesses.

Q: What types of funding do you access?
A: Funding assistance that we have leveraged has been grants (and we generate the grant proposal applications FOR you), abatements, advances, and community partnerships in which a business will fund programs and/or books.

Q: Do you always find funding?
A: We do our very best to find funding, in the forms stated above. If all else fails we try to work with the presenter to create promotional discounts to help ensure the affordability of the programs.

Q: Jeff’s  programs come with a money back guarantee. How is that possible?
A: These guarantees were in place with our presenter before we partnered up. In the almost two decades of performing these and previous incarnations of the programs, he has never had to return his fees. The guarantee comes from him and is applicable for all performing fees.