Thank you so much for thinking of the kids who need your help in changing their life trajectories.

2/3 of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of the 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare.
[National Assessment of Adult Literacy]

Our primary source of funding is sponsorship. By sponsoring a school, you are changing the lives of hundreds of children at a time, turning them onto reading, which can completely change their lives. It did for mine. I’m Jeff Nathan, one of the non-profit’s participating children’s authors. When a school intervention is sponsored, we are able to thank you in front of members of millennial families by the hundreds. Children bring their parents to the evening event where we are able to express our appreciation. Please contact me for more details: jeff@CL-Innovations.org. I thank you now and the children will soon. 

For School Sponsorships,
Call 978-475-1874 or
e-mail info@CL-Innovations.org

Other amounts can be donated here.


95% of your gift goes to the books and programs that have demonstrated a 70.3% improvement with the kids who need it the most—those in poorer schools where the income gap magnifies the achievement gap. No child deserves to be held down like that.

The other 5% funds our minimally basic costs—insurance, web upkeep, government filings, etc. Our board and officer are all volunteers.

Thank you for helping us help the children who need it.